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Capacity Building

Our capacity building projects focus on collaborative and sustainable paediatric health workforce training and education programs.

Child Health Evaluative Sciences

We conduct and translate research into clinical practice, systems, and policy to improve the health and well-being of children.

Yongah Kim

Yongah Kim is a professor at the Rotman Business School in the Strategy Area. Kim joined the SickKids Board of Trustees in 2017 and is currently serving as the Vice Chair.

Knowledge Synthesis, Advocacy & Policy Development

Centre initiatives, partnerships and networks are focused on the translation and management of knowledge to impact child health policy.

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

We focus on cutting-edge developmental genetics, genomics and stem cell biology research.

Research Awards & Financial Services

Research Awards & Financial Services supports researchers through the grant lifecycle, from grant applications to monitoring and financial reporting.

Research Ethics Board

The Research Ethics Board protects the rights and welfare of human research participants.

Genetics & Genome Biology

We work to determine the role genes play in paediatric health by innovating sequencing and disease modelling technologies.

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