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Karen Frost

Title: Nurse Practitioner, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Clinical Nutrition
Designations: BScN, RN(EC), MN, ACNP
Pronouns: she/her
Phone: 416-813-5633
U of T Positions: Adjunct Lecturer, University of Toronto's Faculty of Nursing

Hospital Positions

Program Director, Precision IBD and Monogenic Intestinal Diseases Clinic


With over twenty years of clinical experience, Karen Frost is first a clinician who oversees a paediatric population with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) in an academic and acute care institution. She has also been instrumental in the inception of the Precision IBD and Monogenic Intestinal Diseases Program.

Karen is the educational resource lead for the SickKids IBD Centre and has published multiple educational materials for health care providers and patients. She founded/co-founded the Canadian Nurses in IBD Group and Nurses in IBD Care and Education.

With the advent of advanced IBD therapies, Karen is forefront in the management of patients on biologic therapies alongside her physician group. She has served as the gateway in bringing these therapies to their patients, making the IBD Centre a pioneer in novel therapies.

Having a huge interest in technological application of care in patients, she is the lead project manager of the very first SickKids Hospital app, myIBD+. Karen has consulted on multiple patient and professional related tech initiatives including web care portals, mobile application framework development, and point of care interactive terminals.


Karen continues to be involved as a collaborator in research pertaining to transition care; clinical utility of therapeutic drug levels and other biomarkers; IBD nursing initiatives, pharmacogenomics/dynamics/kinetics of drug use; social determinants of health; psychosocial/psychology aspects of chronic care; and use of technology in the advancement of IBD care.

Education and experience

  • 2008: Masters of Science in Nursing (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Stream), University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
  • 1996: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON


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Visit Karen Frost's ResearchGate profile for more publications.

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