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Damien Noone

Title: Staff Nephrologist, Division of Nephrology
Designations: MB BCh BAO, M.Sc.
Phone: 416-813-7654 ext. 204124
Alternate Contact Name: Massih Bidhendi
Alternate Phone: 416-813-7654 ext. 203533
Alternate Email:
U of T Positions: Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics

Hospital Positions

Program Director
Division of Nephrology


Dr. Damien Noone is a Staff Nephrologist in the Division of Paediatric Nephrology at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, and Program Director for Paediatric Nephrology. He completed clinical nephrology training in Great Ormond Street Hospital in London as well as at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, where he also completed the Clinician Investigator Program with an M.Sc. at the University of Toronto in the Program of Cell Biology.

Noone has focused his clinical work in the area of vasculitis, glomerular diseases and dialysis. He also plays a leading role in nephrology education locally and nationally and is Program Director for the Division of Nephrology. During his first two years as Program Director he completed the Education Scholars Program, a longitudinal leadership development program for educators.

He also has roles within the Department of Paediatrics and the University of Toronto in Faculty Development, especially around Competence by Design (CBD) and competency-based medical education and in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion where he is a mentor with the Diversity Mentorship Program at the University of Toronto and a champion in promoting equity, diversity and inclusion at SickKids.


Dr. Noone’s clinical research focuses on gaining a better understanding of the disorders he treats as a clinician in his everyday practice, particularly diseases that affect the vasculature, such as vasculitis and the glomerular disorders. His principal area of independent research focus, staving from his research during his fellowship at SickKids and graduate studies, is in the area of inflammation and the endothelium, with a focus on systemic vasculitis, including ANCA-vasculitis and IgA vasculitis/ Henoch Schӧnlein Purpura (HSP).

Education and experience

  • 1993–2002: National University of Ireland, Galway – MB BCh BAO
  • 2003–2006: Certificate, Basic Specialty Training (BST) in Paediatrics and Child Health, Royal College of Physicians Ireland (RCPI)
  • 2008–2009: Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Science (Health Informatics), National University of Ireland, Galway
  • 2006–2011: Certificate, Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST), General Paediatrics, Royal College of Physicians Ireland (RCPI)
  • 2010–2011: Certificate, Clinical Fellowship, Paediatric Nephrology, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
  • 2011–2014: Certificate, Clinical Fellowship, Paediatric Nephrology, The Hospital for Sick Children
  • 2012–2016: Certificate, Clinician Investigator Program (CIP), University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2012–2014: Master's Thesis, Masters of Science, Institute of Medical Science (IMS), University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2016–2018: Education Scholars Program (ESP), Centre for Faculty Development, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Ontario


  • 2019: C Phillips Rance Nephrology Award of Merit, The Division of Nephrology, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON, Canada
  • 2019: CBD Innovator, Competency by Design Innovator Award, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • 2018–present: Associate Editor, Renal Section, Current Paediatric Reports
  • 2017–present: Editorial Board Member, Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN)
  • 2017–present: Chapter Medical Advisor, Make A Wish Canada


  1. Noone DIijima K, Parekh RS. Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome in Childhood. Lancet, 2018: 10141(392):7-13.
  2. NooneD, Riedl M, Pluthero FG, Bowman M, Liszewski K, Lu L, Quan Y, Balgobin S, Schneppenheim RS, Ulrich B, James P, Atkinson P, Palaniyar N, Kahr W, Licht C.  Von Willebrand Factor regulates complement on endothelial cells. Kidney International. 2016: 90(1): 123-134.
  3. NooneDGTwilt M, Hayes WN, Thorner PS , Benseler S, Laxer RM, Parekh RS, Hebert D. The new histopathologic classification of ANCA-associated GN and its association with renal outcomes in childhoodCJASN, 2014: 9(10): 1684-91.
  4. SochettE, Noone D, Grattan M, Slorach C, Moineddin R, Elia Y, Mahmud FH, Dunger DB, Dalton N, Cherney D, Scholey J, Reich H, Deanfield J. Relationship between Serum Inflammatory Markers and Vascular Function in a Cohort of Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes. Cytokine. 2017: 99: 233-239.
  5. NooneD, Yeung RSM, Hebert D. Outcome of kidney transplantation in paediatric patients with ANCA associated glomerulonephritis: a single-center experience. Pediatric Nephrology. 2017: 32(12): 2343-2350. 


  • 2019: Principal Investigator. Epidemiology and risk factors for the development of Henoch-Schonlein Purpura nephritis.
    Paediatric Consultants Creative Professional Activity Grant
  • 2016–2018: Co-Investigator. A Phase II International Multicenter, Open-Label Uncontrolled Study to Evaluate the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of 4 x 375 mg/m2 Intravenous Rituximab in Pediatric Patients with Severe Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (Wegener’s) or Microscopic Polyangiitis
    Roche Pharmaceuticals
    Principal Investigator: Rae Yeung
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