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Headshot of Kamaldine Oudjhane

Kamaldine Oudjhane

Title: Staff Radiologist, Department of Diagnostic Imaging
Designations: MD, M.Sc., DABR
Phone: (416) 813-7014
Fax: (416) 813-7591
Alternate Contact Name: Saaim Satti
Alternate Phone: (416) 813-5823
Alternate Email:
U of T Positions: Associate Professor, Department of Medical Imaging


Dr. Kamaldine Oudjhane is a graduate from the University of Algiers. After a residency in paediatrics in Algiers, an M.Sc. from Harvard School of Public Health, and training in paediatrics at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, he undertook his radiology education at the University of Pittsburgh and paediatric radiology at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. He has since practiced first at the Trousseau Hospital in Paris, then on the faculty at Montreal Children’s Hospital. He joined the Diagnostic Imaging Department, Body Imaging Division, of The Hospital for Sick Children, and was chief of the GI-GU Section from 2001 to 2014). He is an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine.

His clinical and research areas of interest are in nutritional/metabolic disorders and diseases of the paediatric musculoskeletal system, such as osteoporosis and infections.


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