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Shelly Weiss

Title: Staff Physician, Division of Neurology
Designations: MD
Alternate Contact Name: Wendy Bennett
Alternate Phone: 416-813-5668
U of T Positions: Professor, Department of Paediatrics


Dr. Weiss is a Paediatric Neurologist with expertise in epilepsy, and sleep neurology. Dr. Weiss has held national leadership positions in sleep medicine including Past President of the Canadian Sleep Society.  She has national education leadership including her position as the vice-chair of the Area of Focused Competence (AFC) in Sleep Disorder Medicine for the RCPSC.  Her research is focused on the medical and surgical treatment of drug refractory epilepsy in children and interventions to improve sleep in children who are typically developing and have neurodevelopmental disabilities. 


Weiss is a clinical researcher. Her areas of interest are research in the pediatric epilepsy and paediatric sleep medicine. One area research interest is in the advancement of knowledge regarding the evaluation and treatment of epilepsy both regarding pharmacotherapy as well as surgery. Her other main research interest is in paediatric sleep neurology, including the development and evaluation of eHealth interventions for the treatment of paediatric insomnia.

Education and experience

  • 1985: M.D., McMaster University, Hamilton ON
  • 1986–1990: RCPSC (Paediatrics)
  • 1990–1992: Fellow, Developmental Paediatrics, SickKids, Toronto, ON
  • 1992–1995: Physician, Developmental Paediatrics, Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Center (formerly Hugh MacMillan Rehabilitation Center), Toronto, ON
  • 1995–1998: RCPSC (Paediatric Neurology)
  • 1998–current: Physician, Paediatric Neurology, SickKids, Toronto ON

Awards and achievements

In the area of medical education, Dr. Weiss has been recognized for her leadership in continuing medical education with both a Dept. of Paediatrics and a Faculty of Medicine education award in this area.

  • 2010–2019: Dr. Weiss was the Director, Faculty Development, Dept. of Pediatrics, University of Toronto.
  • 2011–2014: Dr. Weiss was elected as the President of the Canadian Sleep Society.
  • 2014: SickKids Department of Paediatrics Continuing Education Award. Department of Paediatrics, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON.
  • 2014–2015: Colin-Woolf Award for Long-term Contributions to Continuing Education, co-recipient, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, Continuing Professional Development.
  • 2017: Dr. Weiss currently (since 2017) is the Vice-Chair of the RCPSC Area of Focused Competence Diploma in Sleep Disorder Medicine
  • 2019: Dr. Weiss has recently been elected as the North American representative of the Governing Council of the World Sleep Society.


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  1. Waterloo Foundation:  PIs: Corkum P, Weiss S.  $39,750. April 2020-March 2022.
  2. Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Sleep and Pain in Childhood Arthritis: A crossover randomized control trial comparing adequate and restricted sleep duration, and its impact on pain in adolescents with arthritis. PI: Dr. Feldman B. Co-Investigators: Weiss S, Narang I, Stinson J, Stephens S, Beebe D. (April 1, 2018-March 31, 2021 -$256,275)
  3. Kids Brain Health Network, Cycle III: Moving from treatment efficacy to implementation effectiveness: An impact study to ensure that parents have access to Better Nights, Better Days for NDD). PIs: Corkum P, Weiss S.  April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2023, $ 600,000 
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