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Knowledge Translation
Knowledge Translation


KTPC Casebook: Building KT Friendly Organizations in Healthcare and Beyond

The casebook offers insight to those who are looking to build or strengthen internal capacity for knowledge translation (KT). The 10 cases are written by alumni of our Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate™ (KTPC) course representing a variety of sectors (consulting, non-profit, academia, education, healthcare) and a variety of organization types (research, funders, hospitals, public sector). Each case describes the organization's KT program, their KT team, incentives and opportunities that enabled KT growth, barriers to KT and how they were overcome, practical tools, and insight on the future role and value of KT professionals. The casebook aims to identify key ingredients that make an organization KT friendly and empower the readers to create or improve their own KT programs.

Download the KTPC Casebook Volume 1

eLearning Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Knowledge Translation

The first in the series of KT eLearning modules, Introduction to Knowledge Translation, will introduce you to the concept of knowledge translation (KT) and get you thinking about how KT can be useful in your work. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in closing the research to practice gap and is applicable to a diverse range of sectors. Upon completion of this module, you will be able to define knowledge translation and understand its relevance to your work. 

Estimated duration: 13 minutes

View Module 1: Introduction to Knowledge Translation

Module 2:  How to Prepare a Knowledge Translation Plan

The second in the series of KT eLearning modules, How to Prepare a Knowledge Translation Plan, will walk you through the key elements of building a KT plan using the Knowledge Translation Planning Template© (KTPT). Upon completion of this module, you will be able to use the KTPT© to prepare a KT plan and work through the key components of KT planning in a step by step manner that will guide your KT activities. 

Estimated duration: 25 minutes

View Module 2: How to Prepare a Knowledge Translation Plan

Knowledge Translation Plan Appraisal Tool

Grant reviewers are often tasked with evaluating the quality of a proposed knowledge translation (KT) plan within a research proposal. The KT Plan Appraisal Tool (KT-PAT) helps assess the quality of a KT plan based on three main criteria: comprehensiveness, alignment and feasibility. Although the intended users of the KT-PAT are grant reviewers, individuals can also use it to determine the quality of their own KT plan for the purpose of improving it.

Download the Knowledge Translation Plan Appraisal Tool

Knowledge Translation Planning Template©

The Knowledge Translation Planning Template© supports comprehensive knowledge translation (KT) planning. The template is universally applicable across sectors. Working through the template step by step will help you address the essential components of the KT planning process.

Download the Knowledge Translation Planning Template©


The KT Planning Companion Tool©

The KTPT Companion Tool helps shape the content of the KT plan you created using the Knowledge Translation Planning Template© . It allows you to put your KT plan into prose, which can be inserted into a research proposal or a project plan.

Download the KT Planning Companion Tool©

The KT Game©

The KT Game© is a teaching and planning tool that can help you and your team develop a knowledge translation (KT) plan using a comprehensive card game. Playing the KT Game© is an engaging way to make KT planning visual, tactile and fun. Players choose a scenario and identify potential knowledge users using “Audience” cards. They define main messages for each knowledge user group, and decide how to engage those audiences by identifying appropriate KT strategies. The game can be played in order to develop KT planning skills or it can be used with a project team to begin the KT planning process. For planning purposes, The KT Game© can be used in conjunction with the Knowledge Translation Planning Template©.  

To book a facilitated session, contact Srdjana Filipovic, srdjana.filipovic@sickkids.ca (Program Manager, Knowledge Translation)

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The Implementation Game©

Implementation is a complex process with many moving parts. The Implementation Game© (TIG) is a card game that simplifies the process into 5 main components to provide an implementation planning experience for an identified scenario or implementation endeavor. The Implementation Game© is relevant to any discipline because the concepts are high level. There is no winner; the goal is either to learn, to plan, or both. Playing TIG will help you grab that tiger by the tail and win at implementation.

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Download a copy of  The Implementation Game© Worksheet

Knowledge Translation Stories

Research is the basis for new discoveries.

Traditionally, new discoveries are only shared through scientific publications. At SickKids, researchers recognize the importance of sharing and their findings with many different groups using a variety of strategies.

Research findings should be communicated so that everyone can understand and use them to improve health and healthcare services. For example, parents should know about current research so they can advocate for their children’s health, and health-care providers need to know about recent discoveries that might affect how they deliver care.

These KT stories share some of the work that goes on at SickKids. Researchers, health-care providers and educators talk about what their work means for parents, healthcare professionals, policy makers, other researchers and society as a whole.

Browse our library of KT Stories

Plain Language Checklist

Plain language techniques can be used in most professional settings and situations. Using plain language ensures that your audience can understand your message the first time they read or hear it. The Plain Language Checklist was developed to guide the development of a message that incorporates plain language and KT principles.

Download the Plain Language Checklist

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