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Recipients & Ceremony

Recent Award Recipients

Photo of Sarah Senyk-Morrison Photo of Sonia Fracassa

Sarah Senyk-Morrison, RN, ED

Sonia Fracassa, RN, Diagnostic Imaging

Jack Jorgensen, RN, 8A

Kim Colapinto, NP, Neonatal Follow Up Program

Arlene Quiambao, RN, OR

Dan Herman, RN, 8A

Eunice Furtado, RN, 8A

Laura Milne, RN, 5C


Sarah Deslippe, RN, NICU


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Award Ceremony

DAISY Award recipients are surprised on their units by their peers, leaders and members of the DAISY Committee. The nomination letter is read out loud to the group and the winner is presented with a certificate, DAISY Pin and a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled A Healer’s Touch. A DAISY Award banner is displayed in that unit for a month. Pictures of the presentation and parts of the nomination story are published on our internal staff intranet.

For more information on the DAISY Award please visit the DAISY Foundation's website.