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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Epilepsy Classroom

What is the Epilepsy Classroom?

  • The Epilepsy Classroom caters to the individual learning and social-emotional needs of children who have intractable Epilepsy, that is, ongoing seizure activity despite maximal medical treatment, as well as children who have recently undergone brain surgery for intractable Epilepsy.
  • The classroom is an initiative of The Centre for Brain & Mental Health at The Hospital for Sick Children.
  • It is a Section 23 classroom with the Ministry of Education of Ontario.
  • SickKids partners with the local school board; namely, the Toronto District Elementary School Board (TDSB) to provide programming.
  • Children who attend the classroom become students of SickKids, while their OSR is held within the TDSB.
  • We have a multidisciplinary team which incudes a special education teacher, educational assistants, development paediatrician, neuropsychologist and social worker to better understand the interplay between epilepsy and each student's learning profile and social-emotional needs.
  • The classroom accepts students in grades two to eight, but in any given year students will be accepted from four consecutive grade levels.
  • For more details, refer to the goals of the classroom.

How do I enroll my child, student or patient?

A referral to the Epilepsy Classroom can be made by a parent, teacher/school, neurologist, paediatrician, family physician or other professional. Download the referral form.

Contact Us

For further questions and information about the Epilepsy Classroom, the programs offered or whether the child is a suitable candidate, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Kerr, head of the Epilepsy Classroom, at 416-813-8371.