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architect's renderings of a proposed new building for SickKids

Past issues

Welcome to the redesigned SickKids eNewsletter, replacing what was formerly known as SickKids Cares. Quarterly, we will focus on a topic and highlight where we’ve been, where we are and where we are going: the THEN, the NOW and the NEXT.

Transforming how we deliver care

January 2019

‘Project Horizon’ is our campus redevelopment plan that will completely transform how the SickKids campus looks, but also how we will deliver care to our patients.

In this issue:
Then | SickKids debut on University Ave.
Now | An outdated facility
Next | The new SickKids

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Advancing patient care through technology

September 2018

This fall is bringing some exciting and novel changes to SickKids. We recently launched a fully integrated, state-of-the-art health information system and we’re already seeing the benefits.

In this issue:
Then | SickKids VS Paper
Now | Our digital revolution
Next | Improving access for patients and families

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SickKids VS Limits

November 2017

Let’s make history. We need to build a new SickKids and it’s going to take all of us.

In this issue:

Then | Opening day at SickKids in 1951
Now | Transforming our campus
Next | SickKids VS: All In

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Building our legacy of care

July 2017

We’re highlighting moments of the past, present and future that have shaped the hospital and the nation.

In this issue:
Then | Building a stable foundation for the future
Now | How design drives collaboration, supports new discovery
Next | Expanding our horizons

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Connecting in care

March 2017

As innovators in paediatric health care and research for almost 145 years, SickKids can point to our vital role in the transformation of care.

In this issue:
Then | Florence Charters: Soother of suffering
Now | A shared vision for an integrated mental health system
Next | A solution of Epic proportions

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SickKids VS The Odds

October 2016

SickKids represents countless victories in fighting the greatest challenges in child health in both the research and in clinical arenas. Our future is bright and our community is strong. But the battle isn’t over. Let’s face forward together.  

In this issue:
Then | Breaking ground, building history
Now | We're fighting for kids like Grace
Next | Facing the future together

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How we're working toward a world without cystic fibrosis (CF)

May 2016

In this issue we are celebrating our long history of CF research and therapeutic excellence and looking toward a world without CF.

In this issue:
Then | Revisiting gene discovery
Now | Meet Madi: Positively fighting CF
Next | Individualized therapy for CF patients

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Leading the way with heart

February 2016

This heart month we celebrate our long history, current success and bright future of excellence in paediatric cardiac care, research and education.

In this issue:
Then | 1963: A new future for blue babies
Now | A new dimension to heart surgery
Next | Then genetic code behind heart disease

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Fight kids cancer

September 2015

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we are taking the opportunity to highlight the amazing ways our staff, patients and families #FightKidsCancer

In this issue:
Then | Cancer through the decades
Now | Collaboration KiCS cancer
Next | Future of cancer care

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