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About Sickkids
About SickKids

Project Horizon

We’re building a new SickKids.

Latest news

On September 15, 2020 we erected a large tower crane that will be with us until the Patient Support Centre is complete - signifying our progress as we start building upward. View photos of our site transformation!

Since last year, when we broke ground on our Patient Support Centre (our educational, research and administrative tower), crews have been busy on the site to prepare to build up. On June 25, 2020, we reached a new milestone as we started to lay the foundation.

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architectural renderings of new building
An artist’s rendering of the Patient Support Centre, our new educational, training and administrative tower estimated to be complete in 2022.

Project Horizon, our campus redevelopment project, is SickKids’ plan to:

  • Build an inspired hospital of the future,
  • Transform how we deliver care, enabling our staff, physicians and researchers to do their best work; and
  • Empower patients and families to be partners in their care.

Learn more about what guides us: all stages of our planning process follow our Core Principles.

There are three main phases of the redevelopment

1. Patient Support Centre (PSC): a new 22 storey educational, training, and administrative tower and critical first step on our way to a new hospital.

  • Intended to be a collaboration hub – consolidating staff from leased spaces and saving on costs
  • Targeted to comply with Well building standards, meaning fresh air and access to natural light for all staff
  • New simulation and training spaces to keep our staff on the leading edge of paediatric medicine

2. Peter Gilgan Family Patient Care Tower: a new acute care hospital tower that will help us continue to provide some of the best paediatric care in the world. Learn more about the Peter Gilgan Foundation's historic donation to SickKids.

  • Addition of 144 beds to meet the demands of modern, family-centred care (totalling 430 beds)
  • More (approximately 120, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit included) critical care beds built as single patient rooms to improve infection prevention and patient privacy for better outcomes. 
  • A new blood and marrow transplant unit with specialized ventilation systems to ensure Ontario’s sickest children are receiving the highest quality of care. 95 per cent of solid organ and bone marrow transplants in Ontario are performed at SickKids. 
  • Approximately 19 operating suites, where space will be adaptable to accommodate new technologies and procedures – ~3 more than our current capacity. 
  • A new, Emergency Department featuring 51 treatment spaces – 12 more than what we currently have. 

3. Renovations to the remaining hospital building (atrium) to support new and renovated outpatient clinics.

Our redevelopment plan in stages

(click images to enlarge)

Current site

Patient Support Centre completion
(est. 2022)

Peter Gilgan Family Patient Care Tower completion
(est. 2029)

Renovations to atrium
(est. 2031)

Please note that all site maps above show general concepts of redevelopment changes, and do not specifically represent size or exact structure of buildings as planning is still in progress.

Why are we doing this?

The redevelopment will result in the renewal or renovation of virtually all clinical care and support areas of the hospital. Specifically, we are looking to:


  • inpatient hospital beds and treatment spaces
  • capacity for clinical supports such as laboratory, medical imaging and pharmacy
  • outpatient clinic space


  • new spaces that will allow for the integration of emerging healthcare technologies and expand our ability to provide virtual care


  • the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations
  • the healing environment for patients and families
  • air filtration/ventilation to more effectively reduce the risk of infection
  • teaching, research and administrative space

We look forward to sharing our journey of redevelopment with you. Please direct any questions or concerns to Project.Horizon@sickkids.ca.