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Maria Györössy-Csepreghy Kluge Award

This award honours Maria Györössy-Csepreghy Kluge, a dedicated and compassionate nurse who found great joy in caring for the smallest and most vulnerable neonatal patients in the Intensive Care Unit at SickKids. As a new immigrant from Hungary in 1952, Maria overcame many challenges to pursue her passion to become a paediatric nurse. Her determination, hard work and love for children was shared through her skills, sense of humour and the tremendous she brought to The Hospital for Sick Children as a practicing nurse, mentor, and a friend. Throughout her life, Maria nurtured her friendships with her colleagues and was a lifelong member of the Alumnae Association of the School of Nursing at the Hospital for Sick Children

”My time at SickKids were the most enlightened years of my life, giving me lifelong friends and colleagues”.

Nomination Criteria

This award is open to all SickKids nurses who work with infants and neonates, have worked at SickKids for five or more years and are currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or continuing education program. Please indicate which program the candidate is currently enrolled in and when the candidate expects to complete it. The award will be presented to the nurse who:

  • Demonstrates excellence in leadership in the area of infant and neonatal care
  • Acts as a mentor to others
  • Exhibits outstanding nursing practice

The endowment fund to support this nursing award was established by the Kluge family.