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Nurses at SickKids are leaders who influence and deliver the best in child and family-centred care. Our work improves the lives of children around the world.

Nurses at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) are committed to achieving the highest level of nursing care for children and their families. We recognize and respect the diversity of the community we serve and the uniqueness of each child and family.

Through partnerships and collaboration, nurses strive to promote and restore optimal health and assist children and families to effectively adjust to health challenges. Nurses influence a work environment where excellence and innovation in practice, education and research are valued. Our nursing knowledge, skills and judgment are used to provide safe, competent and high quality care.

SickKids Nursing fosters a world-class environment for nursing excellence through its leadership, professional support, spirit of inquiry and innovation. SickKids Nursing is dedicated to providing world-class leadership in nursing practice, education, research and technology. Through innovative leadership, SickKids Nursing sustains the paediatric nursing profession by representing nursing at the decision-making tables, collaborating with other disciplines and policy makers to influence decisions relating to quality of care, building capacity in all dimensions and advocating for the nursing profession. SickKids Nursing values and develops the spirit of inquiry in SickKids nursing staff, students and scientists through intellectual, financial and information supports and innovative projects, positively impacting the quality of work life of nurses at SickKids.

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