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Leukemia Research Group

Leukemia Research Group

A group of SickKids researchers has joined forces in order to generate a clearer understanding of the cascade of events that generate and drive the expansion of leukemic cells, and to identify “Achilles heels” that can be targeted with the next generation of therapies.

This collaborative Leukemia Research Group (LRG) includes scientists and clinician-scientists who are implementing cross-disciplinary approaches to understand basic mechanisms underlying leukemia, how these mechanisms can be exploited to develop and test new therapies, and to examine the impact of current and novel therapies on the long-term outcomes for children with leukemia. The SickKids LRG has attracted support for leukemia research from government, and non-governmental foundations who want a concrete, focused leukemia research agenda.

The SickKids Leukemia Research Group is also collaborating with internationally recognized colleagues working on adult leukemia at the University Health Network. For example, LRG collaborator Dr. John Dick reported a mouse model of leukemia created by engineering a single genetic mutation in a normal human cord blood precursor cell. This approach provides exciting opportunities to study the origin and progression of paediatric leukemia.