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Strategy & Performance

SickKids is dedicated to improving health outcomes for children and their families in a compassionate and innovative, responsible and efficient manner.

Caring for children is at the heart of everything we do. As a world leader in children’s health care, we embrace the transparency and accountability that comes with leadership. We also believe that healthy patients need a healthy planet, so over the years we have made a serious commitment to decreasing our energy consumption, waste production, and reducing our carbon footprint.

SickKids 2025

The SickKids' 5-year strategic plan SickKids 2025, sets the framework for measuring our performance. Based on input from patients, families, staff and the SickKids community, the plan lays out a roadmap to achieving unprecedented outcomes powered by Precision Child Health.

View our SickKids 2025 Strategic Plan

Exterior of SickKids hospital

Quality Improvement Plan

Our Quality Improvement Plan outlines our quality and safety priorities, allowing us to track performance and keep our patients safe.

Patient room

Patient Safety Indicators

The safety of patients, staff and visitors is a priority and our patient safety indicators allow us to track performance to keep our patients safe.

A photo of the exterior of the SickKids Atrium with trees and leaves overlaid. The sun is shining through the trees.

Environmental Sustainability

SickKids is committed to safeguarding the environment and curbing climate change by reducing emissions, adopting greener behaviours and processes, and modelling responsible stewardship.

SickKids hospital atrium interior

Corporate Scorecard

As part of a broader enterprise-wide approach to performance management, the corporate scorecard is a valuable tool to help SickKids deliver on the promise of SickKids 2025.

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