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Jennifer Stinson

Senior Scientist, Child Health Evaluative Sciences

Anna Szuto

Genetic Counsellor, Division of Clinical and Metabolic Genetics

Mary Lou Smith

Senior Associate Scientist, Neurosciences & Mental Health

Michelle Shouldice

Division Head, Paediatric Medicine, Division Head, Adolescent Medicine

Sierra Scodellaro

Pharmacogenomics Data Analyst, Division of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Michael Salter

Senior Scientist, Neurosciences and Mental Health

Heather Soberman

Director, Garry Hurvitz Centre for Brain and Mental Health

Ingrid Tein

Director, Neurometabolic Clinic, Investigational Unit and Research Laboratory

Margaret Thompson

Medical Director, Ontario, Manitoba & Nunavut Poison Centres

William Trimble

Senior Scientist, Cell Biology

Shirley Tse

Program Director and Staff Rheumatologist, Division of Rheumatology

Sandra Tung

Physiotherapist, Department of Rehabilitation Services

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