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SickKids expecting to receive patients with cancer from Ukraine
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SickKids expecting to receive patients with cancer from Ukraine


SickKids planning to welcome small number of paediatric patients from Ukraine in the next couple days.

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is expecting to receive fewer than five paediatric patients with cancer from Ukraine within the next 36 to 48 hours. We are unable to provide the specific number of patients or further details at this time to respect the privacy of these children and their families. 

SickKids, along with our government and community partners, has been preparing for this possibility for a number of days. Toronto has a strong and compassionate Ukrainian community and SickKids has long-standing partnerships with Ukrainian children’s hospitals that enable us to support urgent children’s health-care needs in Ukraine. 

All children deserve access to specialized health care, regardless of their place of origin or geographic location. While the priority at SickKids is meeting the needs of children in Ontario and Canada, we acknowledge that there is a moral responsibility to provide care to vulnerable children from abroad when we have capacity, consistent with our vision of Healthier Children. A Better World. 


Supporting patients and families from Ukraine

The community response in support of patients and families from Ukraine has been heartwarming and overwhelming. We are very appreciative of offers to donate toys, clothing, accommodations, funds and more. We have a Ukrainian Paediatric Assistance Fund that can accept financial donations. These funds will assist the patients and their families with non-medical expenses, like food and transportation, while receiving care at SickKids. At this time, due to the generosity of the community, we are not accepting any in-kind donations such as clothing, toys or household goods as those needs are currently being met.  
For additional ways to help, below is a list of other organizations to consider for donations. Please note that this list is being provided for information purposes only and donors should visit each organization’s website to learn more and determine which best meets their philanthropic interests.

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