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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Therapeutic Clowning

Who are our therapeutic clowns?


A. Leboo loves to play and make friends! You can spot him around SickKids having a blast on Story Time and Child Life TV, happily greeting everyone he meets, and making the hospital a more fun place to be! He loves magic, music and bubbles, and comes to play Tuesday to Saturday.


Fern - or Fernie as she is affectionately known by her friends – travelled to SickKids from the farm. Her favourite things are making new friends, playing in the mud, blowing bubbles and playing make-believe. Her farm friends are Stinker and Rupert the pigs, Moodonna the cow and everyone's good friend, Moose the duck. Fernie lives in a teensy, tiny treehouse at the University entrance of SickKids. She plays here from Monday to Thursday each week.


Pip voyaged from the high seas to SickKids, to search for silliness, songs and surprises! Pip loves to play, meet new friends, blow bubbles, and explore with Gladys the Bucket and Norbert the Oar. Pip comes to play at SickKids Tuesday to Thursday.

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Questions about Creative Arts Therapy and Referrals?

Please contact: creativearts.therapy@sickkids.ca
Kimberly O’Leary, Professional Practice Lead, Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy