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Patient and family resources
Patient and family resources

Patient safety

Partners in Patient Safety

SickKids has always been a leader in advancing safe and high-quality care for children, as well as providing a safe working environment for staff. There have been steady improvements in safety at SickKids as a result of various structures and processes that have been put in place, and the commitment of all our staff working in partnership with families. Despite these efforts, preventable harm still occurs to patients and staff.

Through the Strategic Plan Building Connections, Accelerating Impact, SickKids has renewed its commitment to safety and quality, with a plan that makes "eliminating preventable harm" a strategic objective, front and centre. The Caring Safely initiative will be the driving force in this endeavour.  

As a parent or guardian, we recognize the important role you play as a member of your child’s health-care team.  We encourage you to be involved in your child’s care and to partner with us.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Share your information with us
  • Ask questions
  • Learn more about your child’s condition
  • Let us know if there’s a problem

Families as Partners in Patient Safety Committee

We're looking for new family representatives! Contact Rita Damignani at 416-813-7654 ext. 228022 for more information!

Patient safety and you

Families play an important role in keeping children safe at SickKids. Patients, parents and guardians can influence the safety and quality of care they receive by being knowledgeable about their treatment plans and asking for clarification when they don’t understand. At SickKids, the Families as Partners in Patient Safety (FPPS) Committee works collaboratively with patients, families and staff to create a safe atmosphere and environment.

Who we are

The FPPS committee has members from many different departments at SickKids including: Nursing, Education, Communications and Public Affairs, the Office of Patient and Family Experience, and Quality Management. Parents are also important members of the committee. Regular updates are provided to the Family Centred Care Advisory Council (FCCAC) and Children’s Council.

What we do

  1. Identify safety issues at SickKids.
  2. Make recommendations to improve patient safety, such as new Hospital policies or procedures.
  3. Implement and evaluate changes made to improve patient safety.
  4. Increase awareness and promote the partnership between patients/families and staff in patient safety.
  5. Share what we learn locally, nationally and internationally.