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Manulife Kids Science & Technology

Science Extravaganza

The Manulife Kids Science & Technology - Science Extravaganza is a two-day science symposium held each year in April/May. The objective of this event is to inspire at-risk students to become the next generation of researchers, technologists and innovators. Through the passing of research knowledge from one generation to the next, we hope to foster the same passion for science and technology that permeates the halls of SickKids. 

Programs and Activities:

  1. A guest speaker presentation aimed at the academic level of the participating students and delivered by engaging, dynamic speakers. The speakers include principal investigators, graduate students, and post-doctoral research fellows.
  2. A tour of the SickKids bio-medical research labs. As part of this tour, a hands-on, interactive science experience is provided for the students.
  3. An interactive luncheon during which the students share an exchange with a wide variety of scientific professionals from around the hospital.
  4. A group activity that places students with different school groups for a chance to win prizes.

In addition to the programs and activities above, students from Northeastern Ontario participate in the following activities:

  1. An interactive visit to the Ontario Science Centre
  2. OMNIMAX movie
  3. Celebration Dinner
  4. Accommodations at Ryerson University’s student dormitories

Schools and community groups that meet Manulife Kids Science & Technology's criteria and are interested in joining us for the event can contact us at: kidsscience@sickkids.ca