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Cancer Genetics Program

Research activities

The Cancer Genetics Laboratory evolved with the creation of the Cancer Genetics Program in 1999 and is closely aligned with Dr. Malkin’s research laboratory. The primary focus of the CGP research activities are the identification and functional characterization of genetic events associated with childhood cancer predisposition.

We  established a cancer genetics biorepository that is linked to an extensive clinical research database that has proven invaluable in our research studies. For more information, please contact the Genetic Counsellor Cara Inglese

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KiCS - SickKids Cancer Sequencing Program

KiCS is a research study that aims to transform the care of cancer patients by using next-generation molecular tools to improve patient care and to identify hereditary cancer predisposition syndromes. For more information, please contact kics.program@sickkids.ca

 Download the KICS brochure