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Transplant and Regenerative Medicine Centre


The Transplant & Regenerative Medicine Centre (TRMC) is recognized as an international leader for complex transplantation and stem cell research and care, leading the world in: 

  • Clinical care through innovation and evidence-based practice 
  • Enhancing knowledge through comprehensive and collaborative educational practices 
  • Disseminating potentially life-changing research discoveries across the hospital and around the globe 

Through our programs, we provide unsurpassed, measurable patient experiences in a family-centered environment that integrates efficient, innovative, and practice-changing healthcare, education, research, and advocacy. 

77 organ transplants were performed in 2023, surpassing the previous record of 70 in 2020.

Medical illustration of a heart

388 heart transplants

performed as of 2023, making the Heart Transplant Program one of the largest programs in the world.

Medical illustration of kidneys

1,000 kidney transplants

performed as of March 2021, which is a significant milestone for the program.

5 intestinal transplants

performed in 2020, which is a record high for the joint UHN and SickKids transplant program.

40 liver transplants

performed in 2020, making the Liver Transplant Program the busiest program in North America that year.

The Lung Transplant Program is the largest paediatric lung transplant program in Canada and a world leader in paediatric lung transplantation.

Medical illustration of intestines

The Group for Improvement of Intestinal Function Treatment (GIFT) Program is the first formal multidisciplinary team in Canada dedicated to the treatment and research of intestinal failure in children.

Heart Transplant Program

A young girl sitting on a medical examination bench smiling

The Heart Transplant Program at SickKids has grown over the last 30 years into Canada’s premier centre for paediatric heart transplantation. Through clinical expertise, volumes, survival rates and research productivity, the heart transplant program has become one of the world’s best and biggest programs. The Heart Transplant Program is comprised of a team of interdisciplinary specialists with a high degree of expertise in managing this complex patient population. 

Medical Director: Dr. Anne Dipchand


SickKids VS: Heart in a Box Podcast

Fifty kids in Canada are waitlisted for a new heart each year. Of those, 30 to 35 will get one. Others continue waiting.

But SickKids surgeon Dr. Osami Honjo thinks he has a solution – a way to expand the donor pool by keeping hearts beating outside the body.

He calls it the Heart in a Box.

Listen now

Kidney Transplant Program

In 1969, SickKids completed the first deceased donor paediatric kidney transplant in Canada. Today, we remain the country’s largest paediatric kidney transplant program. We work closely with our Ontario partners in Hamilton, London, and Ottawa to optimize the renal transplant care for children of all regions in Ontario. Our multidisciplinary team members have continued to focus their clinical and research activities on the adolescent population, and on the quality of life and long-term outcomes of the renal transplant recipients.

Medical Director: Dr. Chia Wei Teoh

Visit the Kidney Transplant Program page

Learn more about the Living Kidney Donor Program 


50 Years of Kidney Transplants at SickKids

SickKids performed its first paediatric kidney transplant in 1969 and is the largest paediatric kidney transplant program in Canada. In 50 years, SickKids has performed almost 1000 kidney transplants. Dr. Chia Weh Teoh, Medical Director Kidney Transplant Program, describes the impact and continued medical advances of kidney transplantation over the last 50 years. And former SickKids patient, Kareem, shares what his kidney transplant means to him.

Dr. Chia Wei Teoh checks the forearm of a patient.


SickKids program reaches milestone with 1,000 kidney transplants and counting

The Kidney Transplant Program has reached a significant milestone with its 1,000th paediatric kidney transplant performed at SickKids. Medical Director Dr. Chia Wei Teoh and Surgical Director Dr. Armando Lorenzo share their reflections on the continued medical advances of kidney transplantation over the years.

Liver Transplant Program

A young girl smiling timidly and wearing a super hero cape

The SickKids Liver Transplant program's mission is to provide world-class comprehensive pre- and post-liver transplant care and superior clinical outcomes for infants, children and adolescents with end-stage liver disease. We are a leader in innovative paediatric liver transplant care, research, advocacy, and education. Our position as a leader and pioneer within Canada is evidenced by frequent requests to provide second opinions for complex patient cases that are not considered transplantable by other programs. 

Medical Director: Dr. Vicky Ng 

Visit the Liver Transplant Program page

Learn more about the Living Liver Donor Program 

Lung Transplant Program

Lung transplant program SickKids patient

SickKids is the largest paediatric lung transplant program in Canada and a world leader in paediatric lung transplantation. We have performed over 50 paediatric lung transplants since the program’s inception in 1995. The world’s first ABO incompatible (mismatch blood type) lung transplant was performed on an infant at SickKids in 2011. With the use of Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion, ECMO and interventional lung assist (iLA) as a bridge to lung transplantation, our program provides cutting-edge care to paediatric patients from across Canada. 

Medical Director: Dr. Melinda Solomon

Lung transplant program SickKids patient

Intestinal Transplant Program

Intestinal transplant program SIckKids patient

The intestinal transplant program was established in 1999 and offers life-saving transplants for children with severe complications of intestinal failure. The program works closely with the Hospital’s intestinal failure program, the Group for Improvement of Intestinal Function and Treatment (GIFT) to optimize the treatment of children with this condition. Selection of transplant recipients is done by a multi-disciplinary team following a thorough assessment. Patients can receive isolated, intestine liver-intestine or multivisceral (stomach, intestine, liver, pancreas) transplant based on their medical needs. The intestinal transplant program is leading medical research in the field and is a member of the Intestine Transplant Registry, a world-wide effort to learn more about intestine transplantation.

Medical Director: Dr. Yaron Avitzur

The Group for Improvement of Intestinal Function Treatment (GIFT) Program

GIFT program patient

The Group for Improvement of Intestinal Function and Treatment (GIFT) at SickKids is the first formal multidisciplinary team in Canada dedicated to the treatment and research of intestinal failure in children. GIFT’s multidisciplinary team features SickKids staff from several areas – including general surgery, gastroenterology, neonatology, nursing, clinical nutrition, social work, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, child life, and transplantation.   

Medical Director:  Dr. Yaron Avitzur

GIFT program patient


Yaron Avitzur, MD
Director, Group for Improvement of Intestinal Function and Treatment (GIFT) Medical Director, Joint Program in Intestine Transplantation (UHN & SickKids)

Christina Belza, BScN, RN, MN, ACNP(P)
Phone: 416-813-5347
Fax: 416-813-8471 

Sylvia Wong-Sterling, BScN, RN, MN, ACNP(P)
Phone: 416-813-7654 ext. 208076
Fax: 416-813-8471 

Elizabeth Garofalo, BScN, RN, MN, NP-PHC
Phone: 416-813-7654 ext. 201528
Fax: 416-813-8471

Carina Silva, BScN, RN, Home TPN Program
Phone: 416-813-8217
Fax: 416-813-8471

Glenda Courtney-Martin, M.Sc., PhD, RD
Health Clinician Scientist
Phone: 416-813-5744
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Dianna Yanchis, RD
Phone: 416-813-7654 ext. 228620
Fax: 416-813-8471

Megan Carricato, M.Sc., RD
Phone: 416-813-1500 ext .202828
Fax: 416-813-8471 

Alaine Rogers, BScOT, O.T. Reg. (Ont.)
Occupational Therapist
Phone: 416-813-2153 ext. 11

Catherine Patterson, B.Sc. (PT), M.Sc.
Phone: 416-813-6755 ext. 21
Fax: 416-813-8557

Stephanie So MScPT, BScPT
Phone: 416-813-6755
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Anna Gold, PhD. C. Psych.
Clinical Psychologist
Phone: 416-813-8448
Fax: 416-813-8839

The Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program

Founded in April 2013, the Canadian Donation and Transplantation Research Program (CDTRP) develops new knowledge and healthcare practices to increase the availability of transplants for Canadians in need and improve long-term outcomes for patients receiving a transplant.

The CDTRP is the first program to bring together and integrate five research themes, overarching from creating a culture of donation to post-transplant long-term health. 

Learn more about the CDTRP 

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