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What We Do

The Division of Haematology/Oncology registers approximately 275 new cancer cases in children under 18 years of age each year, representing 20 per cent of all new paediatric cancer cases in Canada.  Approximately 40 per cent of these children have a diagnosis of leukemia/lymphoma, 30 per cent have a solid tumour malignancy such as a sarcoma, and 30 per cent have a brain tumour.  Large programs exist in the paediatric hemoglobinopathies (approximately 500 children with sickle-cell syndromes and over 100 children with thalassemia) and bleeding and clotting disorders of children (approximately 450 children with inherited bleeding disorders such as haemophilia and over 150 children registered in an outpatient anticoagulant clinic). In-patient care for these children is provided in designated haematology/oncology wards (that has 35 beds).

This Division, in collaboration with the Division of Immunology & Allergy, is responsible for all of Ontario's paediatric bone marrow transplants each year.  Each year the unit has performed approximately 100 autologous/allogeneic stem cell transplants in children with malignancies, severe blood disorders such as aplastic anemia, severe immunodeficiencies such as SCIDS and rare genetic disorders.  A network of satellite centres across Ontario provides selected aspects of care for this large population of children nearer to their homes with the expert teams at SickKids providing leadership with respect to diagnosis and recommendation of appropriate management plans.

The focus of care is family-centred and the goal of the Haematology/Oncology program is to provide timely state-of-the-art care to children with cancer and serious blood diseases as near to home as possible.  The centralization of diagnostic workup and selection of treatment regimens, with delegation of some aspects of care locally through approved satellite centres, facilitates the best possible outcomes and ensures that cure rates are as good or better than other paediatric haematology/oncology centres worldwide.  On a day-to-day basis at SickKids patient care is provided through specific consultation services in haematology, neurooncology, general oncology and thrombosis; separate designated multidisciplinary teams provide high level care on the in-patient haematology/oncology and BMT wards.

Referral Guidelines

  • All patients require a referral to visit our clinic.
  • If you are a health-care professional, log in to eCHN to submit your referral. From your eCHN account, you will be seamlessly connected to SickKids e-referral platform, EpicCare Link.
  • Learn more about our referral process.
  • For urgent referrals only (same day referrals), contact eCHN’s Helpdesk directly 416-813-7998 or 1-877-252-9900, or by email at helpdesk@echn.ca.
    On weekends and after 6 p.m. on weekdays, please contact the Fellow on call via SickKids Locating at 416-813-1500.