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Thrombosis Program

The Thrombosis Program is committed to improving the lives of children who have developed or are at risk of developing a blood clot.

Part of the Division of Haematology/Oncology, the Thrombosis Program is at the forefront of care for children with blood clots, providing state-of-the-art clinical care and conducting innovative research since 1991.

Did you know? Facts about the Thrombosis Program

What we do


The Thrombosis Program’s clinical team consists of a thrombosis nurse practitioner, who is in charge of the Outpatient Paediatric Anticoagulant Clinic, and five staff physicians devoted to providing care to children with blood clots or at increased risk of developing a clot.


Our research team includes our staff physicians, nurses, research coordinators and research fellows dedicated to the design and delivery of clinical research studies in paediatric thrombosis.

Our Thrombosis Research and Clinical Support (TRaCS) program consists of a team of undergraduate and graduate student volunteers who support the dynamic day-to-day interactions both of our clinical and research initiatives.


Our team has operated an internationally renowned training program on paediatric thrombosis since 2001. Visit the Haematology/Oncology to learn more about the Thrombosis/Haemostasis Subspecialty Fellowship.

Who we are


For patients and families

Blood clots help to stop wounds from bleeding, but when they happen in the deep veins of the body they can be harmful. Visit AboutKidsHealth to learn about the signs and causes of blood clots; the complications of blood clots; and the different medical and non-medical treatments that are available for children.

For physicians

CAPTSure© (Clinical Assessment of PTS) is a clinical tool for diagnosis and severity rating of paediatric post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS).

Contact us

For questions about the Thrombosis Program please call (416) 813-7500 and ask to speak to the Thrombosis Fellow on call.

For questions about research studies or information regarding CAPTSure© please email

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