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About the Learning Institute

Message from the VP Education and Academic Practice

It is with great pleasure that I have taken on the executive leadership role for education and learning at SickKids. As an academic health sciences centre, SickKids is a beehive of learning and improvement every day.  We strive for excellence in teaching and learning across the continuum of educational delivery to many constituents.  We are engaged in knowledge translation for the public, for the children and parents we serve, for the next generation of health professionals who come here for their student experience, for newly hired health professionals who require on-boarding and orientation, for our staff who are continuing their professional development, for international learners who join us here and for our partners around the globe who we reach out and partner with to build capacity.

At SickKids so many people take part in closing the knowing-doing gap through their efforts in education, they support local and international learners in practice, classroom, simulation and other methods of learning, and embrace opportunities for building capacity at individual and systems levels of care.  Our teams are building scholarships in education and deepening our understanding of best methods of knowledge translation and practice improvement.

Our Commitment
In the Learning Institute is to advance excellence in education through collaborative and innovative partnerships and programming as well as faculty development and using leading practices in education at all times.  We are strengthened by the networks we build and the opportunities we have to build capacity internally, across collaborating organizations and through the unique partnerships that we build.

Our Focus
Is one of curiosity, inquiry, knowledge building and translation.  We are the link between research and care and an essential pillar in our tripartite mission of care, learning and research that will help us achieve our vision, Healthier Children, A Better World.  The Learning Institute will help you, your team and/or your organization achieve excellence in caring for children and their families through our many educational offerings and resources.  Take a look at our website to learn more.

Pam Hubley, RN, M.Sc
VP of Education and Academic Practice
The Hospital for Sick Children