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Students and Academic Trainees

Students and Academic Trainees

SickKids is committed to supporting high quality educational experience for all students who complete placements across the organization.  At SickKids, a “student” refers to an individual who is currently enrolled at an academic institution and whose program of study will acknowledge/credit time spent learning at SickKids as part of a program requirement.  Through various educational opportunities, students at SickKids are able to practice their skills alongside leading experts in paediatric health care.

Please explore our site to learn more about student learning opportunities that would suit your needs.

The Student Experience

Student Satisfaction Surveys

SickKids is proud to be able to support the education and training of students from multiple disciplines and academic institution.  We are committed to providing quality placements and value feedback from students on their experience at SickKids.  

SickKids administrators have launched student satisfaction surveys to capture the student experience of medical, clinical and corporate students.  The surveys are available for students to complete online with the results compiled and reported anonymously to each area on an annual basis.   

Student Database

SickKids invests significant time and effort to mentor and train students, and being able to collect information in a centralized location allows us to track and report on student activity, improve processes and celebrate the work of all our Educators, Instructors, Mentors, Supervisors and Preceptors.

In 2012/2013, the Learning Institute launched a student database to track and report on student activity at SickKids.  Through this database the Learning Institute is able to capture data on students across multiple departments, disciplines, academic institutions etc., on behalf of SickKids.  

The Learning Institute is currently collaborating with internal partners to further enhance the student experience by reviewing processes related to onboarding, orientation, evaluation and tracking.