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Meet our Researchers

Scientists and researchers at SickKids Research Institute are working across the spectrum of child health, from basic science at the sub-molecular level, to advances in clinical diagnostics, treatments and prevention.

Chief & Program Heads

Stephen Scherer

Chief of Research

John Brumell

Cell Biology

Eyal Cohen

Child Health Evaluative Sciences

Brian Ciruna

Developmental & Stem Cell Biology

Monica Justice

Genetics & Genome Biology

Julie Forman-Kay

Molecular Medicine

Donald Mabbott

Neurosciences & Mental Health

Felix Ratjen

Translational Medicine

Find a scientist

Aleixo Muise

Senior Scientist, Cell Biology

Amira Klip

Senior Scientist, Cell Biology

Annie Huang

Associate Chair of Research, Department of Paediatrics

Christoph Licht

Staff Nephrologist, Division of Nephrology

Cynthia Hawkins

Neuropathologist, Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine

Daniela Rotin

Senior Scientist, Cell Biology

James Rutka

Neurosurgeon, Division of Neurosurgery

Jane McGlade

Senior Scientist, Cell Biology

John Brumell

Co-Director, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Centre

Julie Brill

Senior Scientist, Cell Biology

Lisa Robinson

Staff Physician, Division of Nephrology

Mathieu Lemaire

Staff Physician, Division of Nephrology

Research Labs

Browse a list of labs to learn more about the exciting research taking place at SickKids Research Institute.

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