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About the Institute

Researchers in profile

Dr. Eyal Cohen - Child Health Evaluative Sciences
In addition to being a physician, Dr. Eyal Cohen is also a policy researcher who is studying ways to improve the delivery of high-quality health care. An avid reader, Dr. Cohen also formed a book club at SickKids which meets several times a year. learn more

Dr. Neal Sondheimer - Genetics & Genome Biology
American-born Dr. Neal Sondheimer’s research is focused on studying disorders caused by mutations in the mitochondria DNA. Outside the lab, he enjoys activities with his two sons. learn more

Dr. Victoria Forster - Genetics & Genome Biology
Originally from the UK, Victoria Forster has first-hand experience with cancer. Her research focuses on a rare genetic disorder called biallelic mismatch repair deficiency (bMMRD) and the long-term effects of cancer on survivors. Learn more.

Dr. Melissa McCradden - Genetics & Genome Biology
Melissa is currently working on creating an opportunity at SickKids to generate discussion and exploration of the ethical issues surrounding clinical AI projects at the hospital. Please contact Melissa if you're interested in learning more

Melissa Polonenko - Neurosciences & Mental health
PhD candidate, Melissa Polonenko, is currently looking for ways to promote normal development in children who have an asymmetrical hearing loss. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, music and baking. learn more

Dr. Andrea Doria - Translational Medicine
Dr. Andrea Doria moved from Brazil to SickKids in 1999 to further her studies in paediatric radiology. Currently, she is investigating potential imaging markers to track the cause and effect of cartilage degeneration in arthritis and the early detection of cancer. Outside the lab, she enjoys meditating, movies, reading, and spending time with friends and family. learn more