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Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine

Program Head: Dr. Felix Ratjen

The Translational Medicine Research Program (formerly Physiology & Experimental Medicine) aims to understand complex, integrated bodily systems to bridge in vitro approaches with in vivo applications, preclinical models of human disease and translate these findings into human health. With a bidirectional focus on human disease, advanced physiologic, biologic, metabolic and imaging tools as well as therapeutics are developed and applied to transform clinical approaches to child health. Understanding disease mechanisms will allow for the development of diagnostic testing, novel therapeutic agents and biomarkers for disease monitoring. 

This multidisciplinary program brings together significant interdisciplinary and interprofessional activity from different areas of study such as: lung and cardiovascular physiology, imaging, metabolism and nutrition, pharmacology, and experimental medicine, and is comprised of researchers, clinicians and educators that focus on basic science with clinical applications, experimental models with human disease, and human subject research.

Through these novel approaches to research we are able to make advancements in understanding disease mechanisms and treatment at the cellular, systems and whole organism levels. This creates the link between research, clinical care and education, which is fundamental to improving the outcome of child health on a larger scale in a more efficient and effective manner.

Translational Medicine Program is also the host to the Centre for the Study of Complex Childhood Diseases (CSCCD). Learn more.

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