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Neurosciences & Mental Health

Brain injury and repair

Researchers in this discipline apply an advanced multimodal research approach integrating neuroimaging, neuroelectrophysiological, physiological (and molecular) measures and techniques to develop better methods to predict neurocognitive outcomes in children with acquired brain injury. Concurrently, through the use of rodent models of childhood brain injury, new types of molecular anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic therapies are being developed and tested through non-invasive whole animal imaging. Therapeutic approaches developed in the rodent models will then be optimized for humans and tested in children.

The seamless integration of human and rodent neuroimaging together with molecular neuroscience is needed for rapid development of new therapies for major challenges such as paediatric neurotrauma and is only possible with the highly integrated atmosphere of the Brain injury and repair research theme at SickKids.

NMH researchers in this theme include
Dr. Hans-Michael Dosch Dr. Michael Salter
Dr. James Drake Dr. Russell Schachar
Dr. Cecil Hahn Dr. O. Carter Snead
Dr. Anne Marie Guerguerian Dr. Anne Wheeler
Dr. Jamie Hutchison