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About the Institute

Scientific and Academic Chairs

A Chair is an academic honour bestowed on scientists and clinicians to recognize achievements in their field of study or potential to contribute to an area of study. The impressive number of Chairs awarded to members of SickKids reflects the excellence and high caliber of the Research Institute’s scientists, clinicians and faculty.

At SickKids, two types of Chairs recognize outstanding scientists and clinicians: endowed chairs and Canada Research Chairs.

The endowed chairs program enhances the recruitment, retention and support of outstanding individuals working to advance the strategic direction of the institution by enhancing knowledge in a particular discipline or field. Endowed chairs are responsible for world-leading research and academic activities in a variety of disciplines throughout the Hospital and have contributed greatly to the global academic and research community.

Endowed chairs can either be joint hospital chairs, which are fully funded through SickKids Foundation resources, or joint matched chairs which are university chairs supported by matching funds from SickKids Foundation and the University of Toronto. SickKids scientists and clinicians hold 26 endowed chairs.

The Canada Research Chairs Program is part of the federal government’s strategy to establish Canada as a premier research and development nation by attracting and retaining some of the world's most accomplished and promising minds. Candidates for Canada Research Chairs are nominated by senior management on behalf of the Hospital to the University of Toronto.

SickKids, through the University of Toronto, is home to 23 Canada Research Chairs. More details about the SickKids Canada Research Chairs Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Plan, along with a list of Canada Research Chairs held by SickKids personnel is available over here.

Endowed Chairs at SickKids

Patsy and Jamie ANDERSON Chair in Child & Youth Mental Health (2012) 

Patsy and Jamie Anderson 

Peter Szatmari

​Geoffrey BARKER Research 



​BASTABLE-POTTS Chair in Infectious Diseases Research (2017)​

​Gail S. Bastable-Potts

​Upton Allen

​BMO Financial Group Chair in Cardiology at The Hospital for Sick Children (2006)

​BMO Bank of Montreal 

Mike Seed

​Dr. Henry BRENT Chair in Innovative Paediatric Ophthalmology Research (2018)

​Brent Family

Elise Heon

​The Donald & Audrey CAMPBELL Chair in Immunology (1998) 

​Donald & Audrey Campbell ​

​Eyal Grunebaum

​Hak-Ming and Deborah CHIU Chair in Paediatric Translational Medicine (2012) 

​Hak-Ming and Deborah Chiu 

​Rae Yeung

CIBC Children's Foundation Chair in Child Health Research (1999) 

​CIBC World Markets Inc. 

​David Malkin

CIT Group Chair in Congenital Heart Surgery (2000) 

​CIT Group

David Barron

​COCHLEAR AMERICAS Chair in Auditory Development (2001) 

​Cochlear Americas

Karen Gordon

​Earl Glenwood COULSON Chair in Interventional Radiology (2003) 

​Anne Lilian Coulson Estate ​

​​Michael Temple

​CURTIS JOSEPH/ HAROLD GROVES Chair in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine (2012)

​Curtis Joseph and Harold Groves​

Mark Crawford

​David and Stacey CYNAMON Chair in Critical Care Medicine (2012)

​David and Stacey Cynamon


​The DEREK HARWOOD-NASH Chair in Medical Imaging (1999) 

​General Electric

​Birgit Ertl-Wagner

​The Robert M. FILLER Chair in Paediatric Surgery (1999) 

​Paul & Lea Reichmann 


​GARRON FAMILY and HATZ OFF 2 KIDZ Chair in Childhood Leukemia Research (2015)

​Garron Family and Hatz Off 2 Kidz

​Donna Wall

​GARRON FAMILY Chair in Childhood Cancer Research 1 (2011)

​Garron Family

​Eric Bouffet

​GARRON FAMILY Chair in Childhood Cancer Research 2 (2011) 

​Garron Family 

​Uri Tabori

​GARRON FAMILY Chair in Childhood Cancer Research 3 (2012)

​Garron Family

Michael D Taylor

​​GARRON FAMILY Chair in Childhood Cancer Research 4 (2013) 

​Garron Family

Cynthia Hawkins

JORDAN and LISA GNAT FAMILY & BASTABLE-POTTS Chair in Otolaryngology (2016)

​​Jordan and Lisa Gnat Family & Gail S. Bastable-Pott​​s

​​Blake Papsin

​GLAXOSMITHKLINE Chair in Genetics and Genomics (2004) 


​Steve Scherer

​BERNICE and HAROLD GROVES Chair in Orthopedic Research (2015)

​Bernice and Harold Groves


​​MIRA GODARD Chair in Vision Research (2003)

​Mira Godard-Bennett

Asim Ali

​The Mary Jo HADDAD Nursing Chair in Child Health

​Robert Harding

​Jennifer Stinson

​​The ​Robert HARDING Chair in Global Child Health (2013​)​

​Robert Harding

​Zulfiqar Bhutta

​The HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION Robert M. Freedom Chair in Cardiovascular Science (1997)

​Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Seema Mital

​​The HO Family Chair in Autoimmune Diseases at The Hospital for Sick Children (2007)

​Kwok Y Ho

​Brian Feldman

​​Harold J. HOFFMAN/Shoppers Drug Mart Chair in Paediatric Neurosurgery (1997)

​Shoppers Drug Mart Ltd.

​Peter Dirks

​​​HOLLAND BLOORVIEW Children's Hospital Chair in Paediatric Neuroscience (1997)

​Holland Bloorview Children's Hospital Foundation

​Steven Miller

LABATT Family Chair in Depression Biology in Children (2019)

​Labatt Family

Cathy Barr

MEAD JOHNSON Chair in Nutritional Science (2014)

​Mead Johnson

Jill Hamilton

​The R.S. MCLAUGHLIN Foundation Chair in Paediatrics (1998)

​McLaughlin Foundation

Meredith Irwin

​MINING4LIFE Chair in Mineral Nutrition (2014)


​Stanley Zlotkin

MOGFORD CAMPBELL FAMILY Chair in Paediatric Clinical Neuroscience (2014)

​Mary Mogford and Tom Campbell

​James Dowling

​The NORTHBRIDGE Chair in Paediatric Research (1998)

​Northbridge Financial Corporation

​​Michael Salter

NORTHBRIDGE FINANCIAL CORPORATION Chair in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (2010)

​Northbridge Financial Corporation

​Anne Griffiths

ONTASIAN Chair in Paediatric Diagnostic Imaging (2004)


​​Manohar Shroff

​The PITBLADO Chair in Cell Biology (1998)

​Jim Pitblado

​John Brumell

​Norine ROSE Chair in Cardiovascular Sciences at The Hospital for Sick Children (2007)

​Norine Rose

​Steven Schwartz

​Dr. Robert B. SALTER Chair in Surgery (1997)


James Drake

​H.E. SELLERS Chair in Cystic Fibrosis (1998)

​Sellers Foundation


​The SICKKIDS Chair in Child and Youth Medical Psychiatry (2014)


​Suneeta Monga

​The SICKKIDS PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION Chair in Developmental Psychopathology (2017)

​The SickKids Psychiatric Association

Jacob Vorstman

​The SIGNY HILDUR EATON Chair in Paediatric Nursing Research (2000)

​The Catherine and Fredrik Eaton Charitable Foundation; The John C. & Sally Horsfall Eaton Foundation; The Thor E. & Nicole Eaton Family Charitable Foundation; The John David & Signy Eaton Charitable Foundation; The Ernst & Young Charitable Foundation


​The TD BANK GROUP Chair in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (1999)

​TD Bank Group


​John and Melinda THOMPSON Chair in Vision and Neuroscience (2007)

​John M. Thompson 

​Kamiar Mireskendari

VARMA Family Chair in Biomedical Informatics & Artificial Intelligence (2018)

​Varma Family

​Anna Goldenberg

​​WASSER Chair in Anesthesia and Pain Management (2016)

​Larry and Marla Wasser

​​​Jason Maynes

​The WATSON Family Chair in Cardiovascular Sciences (2008)

​The Watson Family

​Osami Honjo

​The WOMEN'S AUXILIARY of the Hospital for Sick Children Chair in Clinical & Metabolic Genetics (2012)

​Women's Auxiliary of the Hospital for Sick Children

​Roberto Mendoza

​The WOMEN'S AUXILIARY of The Hospital for Sick Children Millennium​ Chair in Paediatric Haematology/Oncology (2001)

​Women's Auxiliary of The Hospital for Sick Children and Canadian Tire

​Jim Whitlock

​​The WOMEN'S AUXILIARY of The Hospital for Sick Children Chair in Image Guided Care (2019)

​Women's Auxiliary of The Hospital for Sick Children


​The WOMEN'S AUXILIARY of The Hospital for Sick Children Chair in   Neonatology (1995)

​Women's Auxiliary of The Hospital for Sick Children

​Estelle Gauda

​​The WOMEN'S AUXILIARY of The Hospital for Sick Children Chair in Urology and Regenerative Medicine (2010)

​Women's Auxiliary of The Hospital for Sick Children

Armando Lorenzo


Endowed Chairs at the University of Toronto (held by SickKids personnel)

POGO (Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario) Chair in Childhood Cancer Control
David Malkin, MD, FRCP(C), FAAP, Cancer Genetics Program

The Dan Family Chair in Neurosurgery
James Rutka, MD, PhD, FRCSC, Department of Surgery